An new old start

I have suddenly realized why I almost never blog here on Lucullian – I am so throughly tired of cooking, styling and writing recipes to blog about. I still love creating recipes but all the stuff around it? Noooo… (At one point I realized that I didn’t cook for my family anymore, I cooked for Lucullian and that was sort of sick I think)  You would have thought I would have been a bit more snappy and catch up on it before now, considering I almost never blog here at all but you know how it is, loyalty towards Lucullian that has brought so much to my life, a certain resistance to face obvious facts and so on made me reluctant to even think about what was wrong. Because it wasn’t blogging as such that was the problem, I do miss it a lot and above all I miss you, my readers, so much. But now I know what is wrong and as I have always been a person who resolves a problem as soon as possible, I have ‘recreated’ a new blog out of my old photography blog and I will from now on blog there about anything that comes to my mind (even recipes if I make something that I want to share with you), I can promise you that there will be a lot of photos (but no cats and children), the usual rants, food and more but above all, I will post more frequently because that is part of my project for 2015 and I don’t want to disappoint myself.

So please follow me over here instead of here, although I might pop up here as well now and then because I’m not closing down Lucullian, I’m just changing place of expression.