What a pot of stock can lead to – Chicken and Bean Crostini

Chicken and Bean Crostini

If there is one thing of which you can say “One things leads to another” it is stock; whether you make a chicken, beef or mixed stock, it always leads to several dishes. Yesterday I had made a pot chicken stock for the risotto I was planning for dinner and while I was standing there, stirring the rice and ladling the stock into it, I was looking at the meat I had plucked from the half chicken I had bought from our butcher earlier that day. A beautiful fowl, grown as it should which could be seen in its lean figure and the yellow colour of the skin, and I would have been a fool not to use that meat for some dish. When I use a whole bird I usually make chicken and ricotta meatballs but with only half a bird, I had to think of something else. Nowadays when I don’t cook to blog but cook to eat, I rarely apply the recipe creating function in my brain, the one where I put in a few ingredients and then something pops up that I can cook, but yesterday it suddenly started on its own and there I was standing, stirring and looking and I could feel how my brain flicked through the notions of chicken-canned white beans-parsley-parmesan-black pepper-bread, it just said click-click-click and I set about to make it. And served it before we had the risotto. So simple, so quick and so good.

CHICKEN AND BEAN CROSTINI – a recipe sketch: makes a lot of crostini. I picked the meat from the cooked chicken and used the meat from the thigh and the leg (because I ate the breast part as it was while picking). I put the meat in in a mixer together with the drained cannellini beans from a small tin, around 125 g/4,5 oz. To that I added a small handful of freshly grated parmesan cheese, a small bunch of parsley, a good drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil and salt and then I whizzed it all until it was smooth and creamy, I had to add a little of the chicken stock to make it easier to work with. Then it Just toasted some slices bread, cut them into smaller pieces and spread the chicken and bean mix onto these. A sprinkle of black pepper on top and they were ready to eat.
Chicken and Bean Crostini-2