At last – the Bread Baking Buddy Roundup!

It wasn’t my intention to be this late with the Buddy roundup but sometimes working as a freelance creates this kind of situations, a cluster of work that puts everything else on hold. But this week I have a few days at home so I thought it was high time for me to do what I had to do, i.e. the Round-up of the Buddies who made me happy by baking this month’s Bread Baking Babes bread,  Robert May’s French Bread from 1660 to which I had added the extra challenge of decorating the loaf or loaves. I have to say that I’m impressed by what they have done, both the bread and how they decorated  it but then I knew they would rise to the challenge!

buddy 2014-1

Scott from In Scott’s Kitchen must be the fastest Buddy ever, only a few hours after I posted, I found his email with a link to his blog post, I’m very impressed, both by the beautiful bread and the speed! I love the decoration as well, very clever to cut and paste it on top!

buddy 2014-2

 Karen who runs the blog Karen’s Kitchen claims that she isn’t capable of decorating but I don’t agree, her bread is beautifully decorated, who said decorations have to be made the way I did and not like she did with seeds and cuts?

buddy 2014-6

I love Judy’s tongue-in-cheek loaves over at judy’s gross eats, be it aliens or faces, they do make your day a happier one! The one the right makes me think or Mr. Toad in the book The Wind In the Willows.

buddy 2014-3

And then we have Gabi’s beautiful bread, brilliantly decorated with a fleur de lys and a bee, I didn’t even thin of putting the fleur de lys, the symbol of France in Robert May’s days and such a great decoration for this bread! Check it out on her blog The Feast Within.

buddy 2014-4

Carola from Sweet and That’s It decorated her bread with a heart using a quite interesting technique that you have to check out! And she added dried tomatoes and pine nuts as well to the bread.

buddy 2014-5

It is impossible to resist this bread, I love the idea to shape it into something so mundane and unexpected as a football! Renee of Kudos Kitchen By Renee had this brilliant idea and she even thinks it is the best bread tasting bread ever!

buddy 2014-7

There is a Bread Babes and Friends group on Facebook for bread bakers who doesn’t blog but still want to bake with us and this month there were four members who did it, the first out was Louise who made a loaf with this incredible decoration, I will definitely steal the idea of passing egg wash on the decoration to make it stand out more!

buddy 2014-10

Trudi made this perfect bread, the even crust and form matched by the lovely bunch of grapes!

buddy 2014-8
Robert who has only been baking bread for three months and obviously has got the knack of it already decorated his bread with the year, a great idea that I will steal!

buddy 2014-9

And last but not least we have Bonnie who made a more organic kind of decoration, she put a swirl on top of the loaf, simple but effective as a decoration and above all, inviting!

A heartfelt Thank You to all of you, both for baking my chosen bread but also for providing me with so many new ideas on how to decorate my breads. And if I have forgotten someone (which would’t surprise me at all), please send me a line with the link to your blog post and I will add you asap!