About Bread


Yet again I meet up with Sophia and Simi, this time it is all about bread and what it means to us. Unfortunately I’m in the middle of a job and have very little time at home when I can do anything outside the necessary things like house, family and yes, relax so I decided to only write about bread without a recipe.


My mother was raised on a farm in the north of Sweden, she was the youngest of 13 children and many of them had remained there and I loved when we visited the farm of her favourite sister and my favourite aunt. Cows, horses, cats, dogs and hens, it was dream time for me and when my uncle put me on the horse when he was plowing, I was in seventh heaven! But one of my most vivid memories is not the animals but when we went to the baking hut to make the typical bread for the region, a flatbread you bake in wood ovens. I’m sure the baking hut was much bigger than I remember because I stopped at the oven but above all on the baking table on which there was a huge mountain of flour where I created cities, skiing slopes and wrote whatever came to mind. It was magic. I remember how soft the flour was and how interesting it was to make it change shape and texture while my mother and my aunt baked, talked and laughed. Maybe it was here the grain of my love for baking bread started to sprout although it took some years before I started baking bread for real.

Molasses Fennel Rye Bread

Both my mother and father baked bread and consequently I started to bake bread as a teenager and I have never stopped since. I have always been a freewheeling baker, improvising my breads, making up the recipe as I went along but I have to confess that since I joined the wonderful group of bread bakers of the Bread Baking Babes five years ago, I have become a much better baker, with them I have been forced to follow recipes and try out new techniques which has really improved my baking skills, not to talk about having the opportunity to discover new breads and not the least, books about bread.

To me, bread means life; to work with a dough, be it tenderly or slapping it on the working bench always bring out emotions in me, on a good day love, on a bad day it is a way to get rid of aggressions but in the end it it is all about creating comfort, nutrition and feeling connected to what life is all about, love.  At least for me.

Bread and Cheese without reflector