Do me a favour….


There is a reason to why I am so silent here, right now it seems to me that I only post the breads I bake with the Bread Baking Babes or shamelessly talk about achievements, like winning the IACP Media Award. And now I’m doing it again although this time I ask you to vote for Plated Stories in the Saveur Best Food Blog Awards in the Best Writing category where Jamie has secured a spot as a finalist with her ever inspiring writing! We started Plated Stories less than a year ago with the aim to have fun and to work with words and images, giving both the same importance and doing whatever we feel like in total freedom within the limits of the chosen theme and it feels incredible that that duality or rather, the non duality, is being rewarded like this! So please do me this favour and click over and vote for Plated Stories. And I also recommend you to vote for Eating Asia in the best Travel Blog as well, I have been reading it for years and years and I still love it, great writing and photography!


OK back to my reasons for not blogging; lately I have been thinking a lot about the future of Lucullian and what I want to do about it. Do I want to continue like before? Do I stop? Do I write about different things and if so, what do I want to write about and how? In a few months time I have been blogging for 9 years and so many things have changed, I have changed and food blogging has changed and I feel the need to rearrange my thoughts and habits if I want Lucullian to go on existing. Do you have any thought on this? I feel the need to discuss this and would greatly appreciate your comments, I will even try my best and ANSWER your comments, something I have become sadly bad at!