This time of year it isn’t that fabulous to photograph around here where I live.  It could be that I have photographed it all umpteenth times already but I lean towards it being grey, brown and boring here wintertime. Which isn’t completely true as there are loads of evergreens here and the grass is always greener now than during the summer but you know what I mean but now and then something catch my eye, like yesterday when I was standing outside the kitchen door, talking on my cell phone with a friend (the stone walls of our house makes it difficult to receive properly when indoors), and in the middle of our conversation I suddenly felt distracted by something, I couldn’t understand what it was until I realized that it was the wisteria pods hanging by our iron railings. There was something about them, the colours, the pattern they made against the lines of the railing; there was something representational yet abstract about what I saw. So I managed to get my camera and while I talked, I took some photos. I hope you like them and see what I do, although over the years I have realized that what I like doesn’t always speak to anyone else. Or to very few.