A little bit of Pisa.




Pisa-12This past weekend we went to Pisa to see friends and to show our youngest the Tower, she had been there when a small child but as she couldn’t remember a thing, I thought it would be nice to go to Piazza dei Miracoli with her before she enters the tunnel of teenagerism and doesn’t want to be seen with me in public for some years.


It has been raining quite a bit here in Tuscany and long rows of sand sacks lined the Arno where the protective barriers had been raised.


We passed houses and squares, famous and not.


Pisa was heavily bombarded during WW2 so there is a certain dissonance between styles and epochs when it comes to the houses.


Behind beauty like this, reign glass and chrome.


I always try to remember to look upwards because…, well you can see why it can be worthwhile to strain your neck now and then.


And then we were there. One of the most beautiful piazze there is.

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