Finally a finalist!


I’m so proud and happy because Plated Stories has been selected as one of three finalist in the Best Photo Based Culinary Blog category of the IACP Digital Media Awards. Last year I was a minor speaker at the IACP conference in San Francisco, this year I am a finalist for an award! Unfortunately I cannot attend the conference in Chicago 14th-17th March but my PS partner Jamie is there in the case Plated Stories win. I have never won anything like this before despite various nominations so I obviously hope but don’t expect it to happen this time either and I know this sounds boring but just being a finalist feels like a big win to me. And working on Plated Stories with Jamie is the best award there is, we have such fun doing it. Plated Stories is about images and words and what they can do alone and together, about being allowed to stretch our limits and challenge our own creativity but above all, it is about respecting each other and what the other do. Freedom within a structure. Without our collaboration Plated Stories wouldn’t exist and my life would be emptier.

Jamie has her own blog, Life’s A Feast, which has been nominated for The Kitchn’s Homies Awards in the Best Blog from Abroad category, please click over and vote for her so that she get’s a well deserved place as a finalist!

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