Take a pause – Toast With Sardines, Rucola and Lemon Cream


Take a pause, sit down and have a cup of tea and a little toast with sardines. Soon the new year will start and the holidays will be a faint memory while we haste towards spring and summer and the end of time so why hurry? Leaf through a magazine, read a book or lean back and let your thoughts wander wherever they want. Find that core of peace or stillness that is hidden inside you, look at the light, look at the darkness, breathe and dare. Be kind to yourself.

Toast With Sardine, Rucola and Lemon Cream

 Toast With Sardine, Rucola/Rocket and Lemon Cream

6-8 servings

9 slices of white toast bread
1 225g/ 8 ounces tin sardines in olive oil
50-70 g ricotta
50-75 g/ 1,7-2,6 ounces rucola
3-4 sun-dried tomatoes
a drizzle of lemon juice
cayenne pepper, optional
extra-virgin olive oil

Put the sun-dried tomatoes in tepid water for 15 minutes.

Toast the bread and cut the slices diagonally. Chop the sun-dried tomatoes finely.

Finely chop the rucola. Drain and clean the sardines from their spines and then mash them well with a fork. Add chopped rucola, ricotta, chopped tomatoes and a little olive oil to the mashed sardines and mix very well. Season to taste.

Spread the cream over the small toasts and dust a little cayenne pepper over before serving.

Toast With Sardine, Rucola and Lemon Cream-2