The last of summer’s bounty – Honey Simmered Peaches With Rosemary

 Honey Simmered Peaches With Rosemary

Things. Our home overflow with them and sometime I wonder what I would save if there was a fire and I could bring with me only an armful of things. My cameras yes and the usual stuff you need to live nowadays but what would I rescue of all the rest? Not much really, some of my mothers paintings and icons, a few books and two kitchen utensils that means the world to me. We all have our favourite kitchen tools and mine are two rather ugly ones but two I love for their history and the memories they give me. One is a metal spatula or turner, a quite narrow one that my father used when he made his omelettes. He loved omelettes and throughout the years he had refined the making of them it into a fine art, his favourite one was very simple with thin potato slices and black pepper on top, quick to make and lovely to eat in its simplicity. Sometimes I wonder why my parents had this fixation on cooking with eggs, whenever I came over to their place they inevitably asked me if I had eaten; if the first person I met was my mother, the next question was did I want a pancake? and if it was my father, he always suggested that he would make me an omelette. And now I use his old metal spatula with its worn wooden handle when I make pancakes, flipping them over, thinking of my parents.

The other kitchen tool I wouldn’t leave behind is a very old and worn soup ladle that my mother-in-law gave us when me and my husband moved in together. The first time he went down to Italy, she put that and some other kitchen things in his suitcase as a typical Italian mother who immediately thinks of cooking and who were we to refuse, two poor Ph.D students, gratefully accepting whatever we could get. I love this soup ladle because it had been given to her by her own mother when she got married and knowing how much her mother meant to my mother-in-law, I truly appreciate her gesture.

I hope I never will have to rescue things from a fire, I’d much rather hand these two and my plättlagg over to my own children but maybe they would pick something completely different from my kitchen, something that make them remember.

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Simplicity itself, this dessert is the perfect end of a lazy summer dinner; you make it in less than twenty minutes and then leave the peaches to cool off and marinate in the syrup. White peaches are the best, not only do they taste more but they are also the prettiest. I always leave the skin on because it gives the sirup such a pretty pink hue!


4 servings

4 peaches, if you can find white ones I strongly recommends these
8-10 tbsp honey, preferably acacia honey but any runny honey goes
sprig of fresh rosemary
a squeeze of lemon juice

Cut the peaches into thin wedges and put them into a pan. Mix honey, lemon juice and a few tablespoons of water, add the rosemary that you have crushed a little and pour it over the peaches in the pan.

Simmer for 5-10 minutes, the time depends on how thick the wedges are and how cooked you want your fruit. Leave the fruit in the liquid to cool off, even better if in the fridge, until it is time to eat.

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