Easy does it – Egg Halves With Herb Hummus

Egg Halves With Herb Hummus

I am now settling in to the daily rhythm at home and for the first time in my blogging life I have lots of blog posts ready and uploaded so this autumn you can expect at least one post a week here on Lucullian. And in addition to this, there are also the weekly posts over on Plated Stories, Jamie’s and my creative outlet blog, not to be missed. And talking about Jamie, I have forgotten to tell you about what we have been up to lately; we not only work as a team on Plated Stories but we also work on magazine articles together and you can find us in the last issues of Art of Eating and The Foodie Bugle. In the Art of Eating, Jamie writes about the classic veal dish Blanquette with photos of mine and for The Foodie Bugle, we worked together on an article about radishes. Both beautiful and interesting magazines well worth reading.

Egg Halves With Herb Hummus-2

I am very partial to filled egg halves, I think they are perfect on buffet tables, for lunch, picnics and why not as a snack if you manage to have any left over in the fridge? I never had one I didn’t like but these herb hummus ones are particularly nice because they are light, yet nutritious and full of flavour. And if you get any hummus left over, you have a wonderful dip to indulge in!

12 egghalves

6 hard-boiled eggs
250 g/ oz cooked chickpeas
1-2 tbsp finely chopped fresh herbs
extra-virgin olive oil
fresh lemon juice
chili pepper in powder

Divide the eggs on two and take out the egg yolks.

Put the chickpeas, egg yolks, herbs, chili pepper and some lemon juice with a few table spoons of olive oil in a bowl and use a hand mixer to blend it all into a rather smooth mix. Add more olive oil if needed and taste to season with salt and more lemon juice if needed.

Use a sac a poche to fill the egg halves with the hummus before serving.