Zucchini, Pancetta and Farro Salad


You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how many times I have started this blog post and for how long it has been sleeping in draft form but this is it, this time I will hit the publish button whatever happens and whatever I write, I need to get blogging again.


Yesterday we arrived in Sweden for our yearly visit and I feel a little dazed and confused, I think I need to spend some time digesting and pondering the question about roots and where mine are nowadays. And what they are. Time to slow down and think more, something I haven’t done that much of lately but something I miss. I used to be a champion in vegetating and I know I was the richer for it and I think it is time to find an updated version of that way of living, a way that fits in with my life of today and the person I am now-wish me luck.

I have been cooking a lot and but most of the time I  forgot to photograph the results, long gone are the day when my cooking served for my blog and to be honest, it has been very liberating for me as a person although quite disastrous for my blog. Maybe I should try to find a path in between before Lucullian is forever forgotten by me and you?


This is one version of the endless dishes with farro that I have been making this last year.  My neighbour Virgilio has generously been dumping a lot of zucchinis on me so this Zucchini, Pancetta and Farro Salad was a natural result of the need to cook them: while you cook the farro in abundant lightly salted water you cut the pancetta sliced into smaller pieces and fry them in a skillet. Take them out but keep the fat. Slice or dice the zucchini and then add a little olive oil, a clove of garlic and peperoncini/chili pepper flakes to the pancetta fat in the skillet, heat it up and then add and fry the zucchini until cooked and golden. Don’t forget to salt. Now add the pancetta and the cooked and drained farro. Chop as much parsley you want, add and mix. To be eaten warm or cold.

zucchini and farro