Plate To Page Ireland


In May I met up with Jamie, Jeanne and Meeta to teach yet another Plate To Page – Food Photography & Food Writing Workshop, this year we had chosen to do it in Ireland, outside Dublin in the wonderful Decoy Cottages. I had never been to Ireland before and this short trip definitely made me want to return to explore this beautiful country filled with friendly people and the most fantastic trees!

DSCF1119 DSCF1127 DSCF1128 DSCF1139

I realize now that I didn’t take many photos at all but my dear colleagues did and they have also wonderful write-ups of the whole workshop so I warmly recommend you, no I ‘order’ you to click over to Meeta and Jamie to read their posts and look at their great photos to get the feel of how nice it was.

Sage&StoneGroup2 copy

Monica, Sofiah, Anne MarieKaronSusana and AndréKateSamanthaMafe , Sumayya and Lidija  from  the United States, Singapore, Ireland, Scotland, Portugal, South Africa, Guatemala, England and Slovenia, an amazing group of creative people who worked hard, explored their limits (if any) and inspired us with their dedication to what we were teaching. It is an unforgettable feeling to have to do with a group of people doing that and in addition, the dynamics within the group was a wonder to see!


One of the reasons we can offer high quality workshops for such an affordable price is the sponsors, first and foremost I would like to thank BoardBia for their support. I also would like to thank Nino Franco and Brancott Estate for making our meals (thank you Donald Russel Butchers!) even better with their wines and  Love Moorish Smoked Humous. A special Thank You to Sage&Stone Farmers Markets for opening up just for us, I got to taste the  goodness of Ireland and talk to passionate vendors.

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You can see some of what we put into the superduper goodiebags we give the attendants above but I would also like to thank the very generous company Edgeware who sponsored us with a great knife sharpener and as if that wasn’t enough, they also gave us wonderful lime green zesters too, check out the last photo in our latest post over at Plated Stories and you will see how well that zester works on a lime! We also had a little gem of a cookbook in the goodiebags, Heartbreak Recovery Kitchen: Recipes and Remedies for Mending and Moving On by Jeanne Ambrose & Lindsey Ambrose, a cookbook filled with great recipes as well as stories and I plan to cook and post about it here later this summer.

A Huge Thank You to everyone participating but most of all to Meeta, Jeanne and Jamie for being the great friends they are and for making P2P such a pleasure !