Bread Baking Buddy roundup – the Whipped Bread

It is time for the Bread Baking Buddy roundup and I’m happy to see that I have several Buddy breads to present here and that our Buddies liked the Whipped Bread as much as I do.


Barbara from Barbara Bakes was the first to bake it and judging from her photos, her dough was easy and manageable and her bread is perfectly shapes and looks great! It is interesting to see how different a dough can turn out using the same recipe…


Claire of Claire’s Baking Journey is our next buddy, she used her hand held electric whisk with dough hooks, maybe that is the best way to go when you don’t have a heavy duty kitchen mixer, the dough hooks I mean. Her bread has the most fantastic holes and looks delicious but it was a much wetter dough than Barbara’s!


Gilad’s blog is in Hebrew and  as I am sadly ignorant when it comes to Hebrew, I can’t tell you its name of but I can give you a link to the post. Click over and you will see that images really do tell you a story, maybe even better than words. A wet dough here as well but her loaves look so soft and inviting…


Igusti had a bit of a problem with the dough and unfortunately I didn’t see her her query over at our Facebook group, I’m sorry for that. Her dough was far too wet so she wisely added more flour to make it manageable, now this is a problem I’m often faced with because of the many factors that are working against me where I live: I live in a very damp house so the flour is heavier that it should be, the flour here in Italy is very different from what you for example find in Sweden, the US or India for example, it absorbs liquids in different ways so I often have to change recipes a little to get the bread I am supposed to end up with. Anyway, you must check out her beautiful bread over at Elra’s Cooking!


We have a non-blogging Buddy, Louise Persson (possibly Swedish?) sent me her photo and said: “This is the second month I’ve baked with the BBB, and what a pleasure it is to read the blogs and your points of view. Since I don’t blog myself, I’m emailing you my picture. Thank you for this unique bread, and the opportunity to learn so much!” Her bread looks great,  it is full of holes and it looks like it was one of those wet doughs.


Karen from Karen’s Kitchen is a girl of my kind, we get the same association to Devo when we think of this bread. She managed to resist her impulses to stretch and fold the dough and ended up with a fantastic looking bread, just look at that crust!


Kelly’s Whipped bread wins the prize for the biggest holes, I like her definition of the bread: “Like a sourdough loaf without the sour.”  Check it out over at A Messy Kitchen.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 12.38.40


Carola of Sweet and That’s It whipped up a slightly loaf of the bread, she added pecans, raisins and flaxseed to celebrate her first year as a Bread Baking Buddy! It looks just as fantastic as it sounds.


Kathy had that Devo urge as well and made a bread that she associated to mountains she saw on her recent trip to the Scottish Highlands. Mountains with huge caves and tunnels I might add. Click over to her blog Bread Experience and see if she is right.

So this is it, nine bread lovers or should I say fanatics maybe, who joined us Bread Baking Babes and baked the Whipped bread I had the honour of choosing for May month’s baking challenge. A big Thank You to all of you and I hope to see you baking with us next month as well!