The last of San Francisco, Noel Barnhurst’s studio, Punk Domestic Italian Tours and Sugar Knife.


When I was in San Francisco I had the opportunity to visit food photographer Noel Barnhurst’s incredible studio, he generously opened it up for an IACP tour and when I say generous, I mean generous; not only is he a really nice, humble and low-key person but he also offered us lunch, fresh bakery and barista coffees so even though I know he doesn’t read this blog I would like to say Thank You to him and his great staff, you made that visit memorable. Although t would have been memorable anyway for the studio itself: it is in a renovated three-story building in San Francisco’s South Park neighborhood, one floor for props, one floor with one type of window glass used for commercial photography and one with another type for more editorial shots. Do I need to say more? Well I can say that the visit was very inspirational, both on professional and humane levels.




Prop Heaven! and this is only two photos of plates and bowls, then there are glass, cutlery, fabrics, tables well everything you wish for!


I already told you that I met my friend Sean Timberlake but I didn’t tell you about the Italian tours he organizes and guides. I have rarely felt so attracted to a food tour as I do to this, just take a look at the one they are doing in October. And listen to this:”Join us in an exploration of Italy’s preserving culture as we travel to the region that embodies more than any other Italy’s culinary spirit, Emilia-Romagna. We will make our base on the Adriatic Coast and enjoy the many flavors of Romagna, all the while making hand-rolled pasta and piadina, local preserves, techniques with fish, and foraging for porcini mushrooms in the Apennines at the peak of autumn. We’ll also uncover the secrets of Parmigiano-Reggiano, prosciutto and balsamico, and visit a local truffle festival that is definitely not on the tourist roadmap.” And it is not only the food that attracts me, I love Sean, he is a delightful human being who knows what he is doing and knowing that, I also know that the other people involved must be just as great, . Read all about it here and if you have the possibility, do go on the tour! I will definitely do my best to meet up with Sean in Bologna.

sugar knife dippy-2

While in the photo studio I met Josh and Jenna who gave us each goodie bag with their artisan marshmallows and brittles for grownups, i.e. flavoured with alcohol. Two really nice people who are working hard to start up and launch their gourmet candy company and because I like what they do, how they do it and who they are, I would like to spread the word about Sugar Knife. I tried their Cookies and Cream Marshmallows, The Bigga Poppa Brittle (double chocolate stout, cherries, macadamia nuts, chocolate chips) and The Filthy Pig Brittle (bacon, pecan Bulleit bourbon), all delicious, the only problem now is that I want to try the rest of their assortment. They don’t have their own shop yet but you can order online and if you live in the San Francisco area, you can now find shops that are selling Sugar Knife candy. If you are a candy gourmand, you have to try their stuff!

(Disclaimer: I was not paid to write about Sean’s gastronomy tour or Sugar Knife, I do it because I want to promote good things when I see them)

sugar knife brittle