A new blog and a little of San Francisco

I don’t know why it is so difficult for me to put up some photos from trips I make, I think one reason is that I wonder if people really are that interested after all. Another reason is that I have already moved onwards in life and a third reason is that it feels a bit private as well. I still haven’t posted photos from our Sicily trip last September and for all three reasons.  So I have decided to just slap out some photos with a little text to them when needed, I hope that is OK with you. I hope to show you some more soon.


BUT I also need to tell you that the first post on my and Jamie Schler’s new blog, Plated Stories,  is up, Jamie writes and I shoot with a new theme every week. We see this blog as a space where we can stretch our creativity a bit further than we do on our food blogs. Plated Stories is still in its cradle and we are trying to find our way  (which is surprisingly difficult I have to say, to be free to roam wild is not that easy when you are used to certain limits, both the ones you set for yourself, and the ones that a food blog impose on you. Or clients.) but I know it will be a fun ride together with Jamie  and hopefully you are coming along on the ride as well!

me and my roomies
high anxiety
high anxiety-4
Mel Brook’s film High Anxiety was filmed in the hotel we stayed and conferenced in.
I found Spring!
I finally got to meet Sean of Punk Domestics and Hedonia who took us on a guided tour of Castro and surroundings and then to a restaurant where we had a most wonderful walnut and parsnip cake for  dessert. (Must try to make one myself…) Sean is a wonderful person but I knew that already, after all we’ve been in touch for seven years.

We had breakfast in an American diner with Denise of Chez Us, who even better in real life than on her blog!

golden gate
I went to Sausalito and Marine County where I had the best of days with my friend Pat, drinking Margheritas and eating Mexican.
and I saw Alcatraz on my way back!