The many ways to love a radish – the French way, the Radish, Parmesan and Balsamic Vinegar Salad way and the Moroccan Orange and Radish Salad way.


I have been shooting radishes for a piece in a new magazine that I will tell you more about  later on when it is out but for now I will just talk about what I did with all the billions of radishes I ended up with when I had finished photographing them. Unfortunately was too early in the year to find any of the beautiful varieties the radish come in, all there was was the good old honest round red one which is not bad, it can hardly be blamed just because it is the most common type, sometimes those are the very ones to be trusted and I am not only talking about radishes here but about l-i-f-e.

Radishes With Bread, Butter and Salt

There are many ways to eat a radish but I will talk about three here. One of the most typical ways to eat a radish is the French way, slices of fresh baguette, salted butter, thin slices of radishes and salt. It is surprisingly good and so very fresh, a simple way to eat a simple root. You must try it if you haven’t already enjoyed it.

Then we have  the Radish, Parmesan and Balsamic Vinegar Salad. I bet that sometime in our lives we all have had a green salad with sliced radish in it. Here we have it is again but in a slightly different form because I grated my radishes instead of slicing them: Take a head of lettuce, shred it into smaller pieces and put these in a bowl, then grate as many radishes you want into the bowl, I suggest you to be generous. With a potato peeler you then shave off flakes of Parmesan cheese (but you can use any other kind of hard cheese) and add to the salad. Drizzle balsamic vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil over and season with salt. Mix well and savour the freshness.

Moroccan Radish and Orange Salad_

But those ways are old fare, nothing really new even if good, I must say that I thought I had tried radishes in all possible ways in my life but I was so wrong. So wrong, so wrong because I had never seen a fruit salad with radishes in it like this Moroccan Orange and Radish Salad. Very fresh it is and you make it in an instant: Cut a few oranges into small pieces, I cut away as much I could of the whitish skin, and put them in a bowl, grate some radishes with the skin on, it looks so nice with the red and white, and add them to the bowl. Sprinkle sugar over, be generous, and squeeze some fresh lemon juice over it all before you mix it. That’s it!