Sometimes cold can be good – Bread Pudding With Ricotta, Nutella and Strawberry Jam

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In our house you know Spring has come when you can use the Nutella as a spread again. During the winter we more or less hack it out of the jar and when I make crepes or pancakes and want to top them with Nutella, I have to place the jar very close to the flame and turn it around now and then so that it softens a bit and I can spread it on the pancakes. You get used to it. You get used to finding your olive oil ‘frozen’, to not having to put the butter into the fridge because it really doesn’t make any difference. You get used to using more yeast in the dough and planning you baking unless you make a Cuban bread. Cooking and ingredients in this house enter another dimension when the weather gets colder.

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The days are getting longer, I see small buds on trees and bushes but Spring isn’t here yet, it doesn’t matter how much I wish and pretend and rave and rage, our Nutella is still hard as a rock and now they are even saying we’re having more snow by the end of the week. One day, I know, it will end but man, does it have to take so long?? On the other hand, the positive one, you can use Nutella in new ways. For example as chocolate chips like I have in this really filling and comforting Bread Pudding With Ricotta, Nutella and Strawberry Jam. I am convinced you can use Nutella in its soft state of being as well, but it is a little easier to get the chocolate chip effect when it is cold. Maybe you could put some on a plate in the fridge for 20 minutes or maybe more? That should cool it down and make it easy to crumble. I don’t know and I am not going to try, thank you, I have enough of hard Nutella as it is.

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Here is the recipe sketch to Bread Pudding With Ricotta, Nutella and Strawberry Jam: I took ca 200 g/7 oz of fresh ricotta and mixed it with 1 egg yolk, 2 tbsp milk (but that amount depends on how firm your ricotta is) 1 tbsp sugar, I crumbled 2-3 tbsp of Nutella, you can also use chopped chocolate, the effect is the same, and mixed it. Then I added 2-3 tbsp strawberry jam and stirred very little, two-three rounds so that the jam didn’t dissolve into the ricotta cream, in this way you will find small treasures of Nutella and jam when you later eat the pudding. Next you put thin slices of bread without any crust on into a bowl of milk and quickly soak them on both sides. Grease a small oven-proof form with butter (yes butter because it tastes better this way) and layer bread with the ricotta cream, taking care to finish with the cream. I added a little more of Nutella and jam on top, plus a few smaller pieces of bread topped with small pieces of butter on them. Bake in a pre-heated oven (200°C/390°F) until golden. Let it cool down a bit before eating, I like it both warm and cold.

Bread Pudding With Ricotta, Nutella and Strawberry Jam