Your response to my last post has overwhelmed me, I threw out a more or less rhetorical question and so many of you came out of the woods to cheer me on in this new plan of mine, a plan I would have carried out anyway as the stubborn old mule I am. Or soon, when regression sets in, obstinate child. But it does feel incredibly good to feel your support, a huge wave of comfort. There will be some recipes of course because I am still a Bread Baking Babe and then cakes, cookies and some sweets normally need more exact proportions, just like some other dishes but I will not do it the way I have done it for the time being. So THANK YOU to all and everyone, without you this blog would be barren, I know that.


We had some heavy snowing here Monday and when it just had started I took a walk to document the white world before it disappeared. Which it has fortunately because I don’t want no snow here, none at all-I want flowers and buzzing bees, that is what I want now and that is what will come soon. As cruel as Nature’s indifference can seem at times, the continuos cycle of seasons is comforting, you know better times will come eventually, at least weather wise if not life wise although I think that my interest in weather is a sure sign of me getting old, never did I care much about that in long begone days. Is this because the visions fade away and we find solace in smaller things, the ones that affects our lives in a very tangible way?