A cat and fast food restaurants

cat in the sun-2

I found this cat, sitting on a wall with in the golden late-afternoon sun reflected in its fur, when I was taking a walk in a new neighbourhood. You don’t think this has to do with food but it has. I was waiting for my youngest daughter (10 going on 11) who was attending a birthday party held an one of the worlds biggest fast food chains, it is very popular here now for children to give their birthday parties there and I am sure the parents find it nice and painless too. Fast food and fast parties because you have one hour and thirty minutes to party on but every one seems to be happy about it. Except me who find it saddening. I will not rant about why, suffice to say that I refuse to personally give money to that kind of fast food restaurants here in Italy because I don’t want to ruin its gastronomy, Italy has so much wonderful street food on its own and I don’t want to see this country go the same way as Sweden where the fast food seems to reign supreme. With a bit of exaggeration of course. but there is truth in what I say. Now Italy has a stronger culinary identity than Sweden, it is possibly the only common identity  this strangely divided country has and it is probably strong enough to hold up to that kind of restaurants but I still refuse to eat there, I only bring my children to eat fast food when we are in Sweden and then only once (maybe twice if we are staying there long) because I want them to know what it is all about. I need to point out that I don’t mind the food in itself, I just prefer it to be made with more care, better ingredients and not streamlined and commercialized in the way it is. If I sound preachy I can tell you that I can get just as annoyed with talk about eating local, eating seasonal, eating ecological too – I just wish one could be allowed to find a small path in the middle where we are allowed to eat well, behave well towards food and its producers and eat without feeling guilty. Without feeling that we have to do what others do. Just eating our own way.

But as much as I might not like birthday parties in fast food restaurants, without it, I wouldn’t have seen this cat…