San Francisco, IACP and Savoy Cabbage

Savoy cabbage

The other day I had a session with a Savoy cabbage in my studio, I did it for several reasons, one was obviously the fact that I wanted to shoot it before I cooked something with it, Savoy cabbage is such a beautiful thing, both visually and taste wise. Another reason was to get annoyed with my studio, I need to be pushed to the limit of tolerance so that I really get going on moving everything to another, bigger, space here where we live and as I am such a big procrastinator, I really need to feel that there is no return, I can only move forwards if I want to keep on shooting from home. I’m almost there.

Savoy cabbage-3

I do have something exciting to tell you, something I never thought would happen but is going to be: I am going to San Francisco in the beginning of April. And what more, I will present a session with my writer friend Jamie Schler at the IACP 2013 conference! Ain’t that the thing? I’m still in wonder. We will present a session called Strategies for Expats on Monday 8th of April which, and here I cite Jamie who is the writer, “will be a discussion on the particular and unique position we who are living and working in a country other than our homeland and readership base find ourselves in, the challenges we face as freelancers straddling two cultures, two countries and how we can make it work.”  I am really looking forward to go San Francisco, to go to the IACP conference and to get to meet friends I never thought I would meet in real life. I feel very lucky, very lucky indeed.

Savoy cabbage-4

Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed that nothing will happen that would prevent me from going… and meanwhile I suggest you to get your own Savoy cabbage and make these little tasty parcels: Parma Ham Parcels with Savoy Cabbage Filling.

Savoy cabbage-6