Links on Sunday and my own Newzsocial channel widget

snow roses

There is a new feature on this blog that will make every day like Links on Sunday, if you look at the right hand margin, you find a newzsocial widget that is called My Favorite Articles. Through this widget you will find my personally curated newzsocial channel where I add new picks almost everyday, articles that I like and/or find interesting. When newzsocial asked me if I was interested in this widget I obviously said ‘yes please’ because I am having so much fun curating my own channel and to be able to share this with you makes it even more fun. If you scroll down you find lots of links that I have added lately and I add more every day so if you like my Links on Sunday, you can find more links any day of the week now. A big Thank You  to newzsocial for giving me this nice Christmas gift!

We are snowed in here, cold but beautiful days although I could definitely be without the snow even though it brings out nice contrasts like in the photo above.

Today I’m posting (mostly) photography links:

Krista Steinke creates a surreal but still real world with her photos

Catherine Nelson’s photos make me happy.

If you have the time I suggest you to explore Robert Clark’s Galleries

The more I look at these photos, the more I learn about life.

Slow motion is always a delight

and it’s been such a long time since we had any of these that I just have to add this one.