Links on Sunday

Today’s theme is food!

It’s Christmas soon in case you have managed to avoid that fact but I promise you that Bron’s lovely Christmas cool sweets will put you in the mood!

Baba ganuj is a mix between personal writing , great food photography and recipes, and a good mix that is.

This is a very interesting blog, full of interesting recipes and stories – In my Iraqi Kitchen: Recipes, History and Culture, by Nawal Nasrallah

And for you who read Italian, I suggest you to delve into L’officina dei Sapori, a blog by an old friend of my husband, who already as a young boy had a reputation of being a great cook!

And last but not the least, there are still a few, very few so hurry up, spaces left at my friend and Plate To Page colleague Meeta’s London Food Photography and Styling Workshop in London mid-February next year. Maybe a Christmas gift to yourself or someone you know? Knowing Meeta as a person and her capacities, I can warmly recommend her workshop!