Links and Photos on Sunday

The Road-3
This is for you who spent too much money but still have some presents to make and for you who like making things with your own little hands (once I did that too but nowadays I’m a slacker…)

Creativity is a tricky thing but in my experience, this is the way it is or should be.

Now cleaning is not my thing really although lately I have been dedicating, in my view, a depressing amount of time on it, but I am fascinated by stuff like this. I blame it on a small and old book my mother had that gave you solutions to every thinkable situation and of which me and my brother were avid readers, longing to try out the recipes in it.

Over to something completely different, silly photos of serious people.

And now when a new year is about to begin and this one is almost over, why not take a look at event from the past? Here you can pick and choose and time travel!

The Road-2