Links on Sunday


It is grey and rainy outside my kitchen door, I’m sitting here at our kitchen table waiting for the water to boil so I can make myself a cup of hot coffee and the Crumb Coffee Cake that is smelling so divinely to be ready. Then I will retire to my sofa with a book and my iPad, my cup and and a slice of cake… But before that happens, I am going to share some links with you:

This link is related to one of last weeks link, incredible paper work.

My past as a lecturer in the history of book illustration makes me very partial to illustrations and I recognize that they often reign supreme over photography when it comes to informative capacity. These are beautiful.

These photos hover between photography and illustration.

A silly link but it can make you feel very good.

This is one of the nicest cooking reference guides I have ever seen.

And to finish – face your fear, don’t fear it.