Autumn it is – Red Beetroot Tartare With Goat’s Cheese, Capers, Diced Toast and Thyme

red beetroots

I’m writing this sitting on a train on my way to Milan, the early morning darkness has given way to pale blue skies and pink clouds. I’m going to Milan to shoot a calendar for 2013, a food related one and if there is something that is truly seasonal and calendaric, it is food. Or it should be although now we can get  most of what we want when we want. I am all for eating seasonal (though I find that sometimes it goes to far, it somehow has become a vehicle for political correctness) because seasonal food is nicer and I love that each season has something that I can look forward to eating. But I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t tell you that I buy frozen vegetables and fresh fruit and vegetables out of the season, I can’t slice a canned tomato to put on my breakfast bread, can I? just to mention one of my sins! But on the whole I try to cook seasonally. On the other hand,  as a food photographer I am happy that I can find food out of season because that is a profession where you live at least three months in advance if not more. If you can’t find them fresh, at least you can find them frozen and when you need wild strawberries in January, you fervently thank the person who invented the freezer! It is not easy to walk on that narrow path of righteousness…

Red Beetroot Tartare With Goat's Cheese, Capers, Thyme and Diced Toast-4

This dish is quite autumnal but it depends on where you live because here in Italy you find red beetroots much earlier than in Sweden for example but as the Swede I am, to me it is a autumn and winter vegetable. If you have the time you boil the beetroots yourself, if not you can often find cooked ones in the shops.  I made a red beetroot tartare to post here but later I also made a really nice salad with the same ingredients, only adding thinly sliced celery sticks and some extra-virgin olive oil to it all. It was deliciuos!

Red Beetroot Tartare With Goat's Cheese, Capers, Thyme and Diced Toast

1 serving

150 g/ 5.1 ounce cooked and chopped red beetroot
2-3 tbsp diced soft, mild goat’s cheese
2 tsp capers, I suggest the ones in vinegar
2-3tbsp thin slices of toast cut into smalldice
fresh thyme

Mix the choppped beetroot with a little salt and a few drops of lemon juice. I took a round cookie cutter to create the actual tartare, packing the beetroot into the cutter while it was on a plate and then carefully removed it, but you can also make a small pile with the chopped beetroot.

Sprinkle the thyme over the tartare, distribute capers, cheese and toast the way you like it and enjoy!

Red Beetroot Tartare With Goat's Cheese, Capers, Thyme and Diced Toast-3