Newzsocial and Eggs With Peppers and Hot Tomato Sauce


When you have an established food blog you get emails every day from companies and PR people, I usually click on the trash bin immediately because I want to avoid to feel offended and get angry because of stupid emails about giving free publicity from people who obviously haven’t even opened up my blog. To be honest, I also get interesting emails and offers as well from informed senders and I don’t mind those. About three months ago I was contacted by the lovely Audrey at Newzsocial about becoming a content partner on their new app and as I liked what she told me we set up a skype meeting so I could learn more about what makes Newzsocial different from other social news aggregations apps. I had tried some of the already existing ones on my iPad but I never really liked them because I had to read what they curated for me (to explore what curation means click here) so when Audrey explained how you can curate your own content on Newzsocial I immediately liked the idea. I feel that I need to tell you that Newzsocial are not paying me for writing this post, I do it because I really, really like the app and I would use it even if Lucullian wasn’t on it because through it I discover so much every day. I obviously subscribe to the channels dedicated to food but also to channels like science news, photography, art and design, European news and some more frivolous channels just to mention a few. And I have created my own channels based on key words so I can read about my special interests as well. You can share content you like on Facebook and Twitter and directly with your friends and because I am a partner, there is even a channel that I curate with things I like or find interesting that is available to the public. There are so much to explore on the app that I am incapable to explain but that Newzsocial do very well here and here but if you have an iPad (I’m not sure if it works on iPhones but do try) I would download it, it’s free, and explore it. It took me a little time to fully understand how it works (and the help of Audrey-thanks!) but then I didn’t look at the videos  something you obviously will do, being smarter than I am. And if you do what I have done, suggesting more blogs and web sites, Newzsocial will get even better than it is now.

Hot Eggs With Peppers and Tomato Sauce dippy2

But now it is time for a recipe, an easy one today and a variant on one I posted years ago. I love the combination of eggs, peperoncino and tomatoes, it is the type of dish I turn to when I need comfort food or when I want to make a quick lunch that still is a meal. There is nothing better than dipping a piece of bread in the hot tomato sauce and I just realized that next time I make this, I will put a piece of toasted bread on a plate and then put the sauce, the egg and the peppers on top of it. That will add to the comfort factor, I can feel it already.

Hot Eggs With Peppers and Tomato Sauce-3

1 serving

1 egg
250 ml/ 1 cup tomato sauce
peperoncino or chili pepper
half a bell pepper, sliced
extra-virgin olive oil

Heat up the tomato sauce with olive oil, peroncino or chili pepper in a small pan.

Fry the egg and the pepper slices in a skillet, save time and do it together.

Put the tomato sauce in a wide bowl or a deep plate and slide the egg and pepper on top. Get that slice of bread and a dip in!

Hot Eggs With Peppers and Tomato Sauce Dippy