Links on Sunday


Thanks for the positive response I have got here and via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, I almost feel as if I’m reborn as a blogger and it motivates me to continue with this part of y life. I’m sure I would be a poorer person if I didn’t and I’m not talking about money here but human contact. I have some plans for Lucullian, one is to take up Links on Sunday again, partly because I know that some of you really enjoy it and partly because I get to see so many fun, interesting and crazy things when I surf the net to make my pick of what I like in particular. Well some links I like a lot but I don’t include because I’m afraid that my sense of humour is a bit too much for you and I think we all gain from that. OK here we go:

Very early today we changed to winter time here in Europe (except in the UK I think because they can never do anything like the rest of Europe) so this is pertinent. I want one myself.

There are some nice photos here.

Bi-dimensional becomes tri-dimensional.

Looks like a nice place if you are not in a hurry.

Let’s get back to the mundane: I keep on sending my glass jars to be recycled but now I know how to recycle them myself. I bet we can come up with even better ways to use them.

I know I never will get around to do any of this but I feel happy when I see how creative people can be with one simple thing!

sicilian vespa