Can I call it a premiere? New blog platform and a recipe – Apple Cake Pudding With Cinnamon, Pine Nuts and Maple Syrup

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Welcome! Finally, finally after almost 8 months of continous redirect problems and rss feed troubles I have switched from Blogger to my own domain and a WordPress platform and it feels so good. I have really had a good time on Blogger but when there was no help to be get and no one understood what was wrong, I felt it was time to move on. But I didn’t do it alone, I had the help of Christopher Anderton, no way I would manage such a big thing without going mad. When I decided to do the big move, I had the brilliant idea of contacting him because I know he is very good at web design and stuff like this (feel free to contact him (or me and I’ll make the contact for you)  if you want a redesign your blog or web site!)  and thanks to him, the transfer has been completely painless and so easy for me that I could almost do it every month just for the sake of it! So now I hope the problems are over and that you not only can access Lucullian like you once could but that that you also will find my posts in your rss reader again.  And that you like it! Please tell me it is so…


I have made an apple cake pudding for the occasion, it is not good-looking, it is not fancy and it doesn’t fit in with a snazzy lifestyle but I think it represents this blog quite well: a comforting moment that gives you a certain satisfaction. Try it, we like it a lot.

Apple Cake Pudding With Pine Nuts, Ginger and maple Syrup-2




250 g/ 8,8 oz diced apples, peeled or unpeeled
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tbsp pine nuts
grated fresh ginger but that is optional

100 g/ 3,5 oz soft butter
200 g/ 7 oz sugar
1 egg
200 g/ 7 oz flour
1 tsp baking powder

100 ml/ 0,42 cup maple syrup
100 ml/ 0,42 cup hot water

Put the dices apples in a bowl with sugar, cinnamon,ginger and pine nuts and shake it until well blended.

Stir sugar and butter until smooth in a bowl, add the egg and when it is well mixed, you sift the flour and baking powder into the batter. And then you quickly mix it together.

Now it is time to mix the batter/dough with the apples, it gets very thick but that is good.

Spread out the thick cake batter in a greased oven-proof form (circa 20 cm/ 7,9 inch in diameter), make the surface as even as you can. Mix the maple syrup with the hot water and pour it over the batter and the put it all quickly in a pre-heated oven (175°C/350°F).

Bake for 20-25 minutes, don’t over bake it as it is nice if it is soft. Serve warn, tepid or cold, I suggest with custard, ice cream or whipped cream.

Apple Cake Pudding With Pine Nuts, Ginger and maple Syrup-3