Seven years of blogging, some thoughts and a few photos from Sicily


Today seven years ago I suddenly decided to start this blog, I had already been food blogging in Swedish for three months so in itself it wasn’t a big step but still a new path in my life. How I disliked writing recipes in English, it took me some time to get into the right language but after a while it all the pieces fell into place. Starting a blog is a bit like going to a party where you  don’t know anyone, you start talking to the person standing next to you and then, slowly, slowly you start talking with more people and suddenly you realize that you are up on the table dancing and enjoying yourself immensely. That was  how it has been for me. But it hasn’ been only fun, those of you who have followed Lucullian for some years know that both sad and happy things have hit my life, just like it is for most people; both my parents died some years ago and in a way I think that has changed me more than having had my three children, it is easier to add on to your life than subtract two beings who have been essential to who you are and who, like my children, have brought so much happiness and love into my life. But this is the way the cookie crumble and I have learnt a lot from it.


Blogging reminds me of a drug, when I blog regularly I need to do it more often than I do now for example. I used to post six times a week for quite a while, inventing recipes for five of those blog posts.  If I didn’t post, I didn’t exist and that wasn’t really sane. Then I slowed down. And in my opinion the quality has benefited by that move. My food here has changed too, while I was more into trying out interesting combinations of food, I now tend to post food that suits everyday eating. Maybe it is more boring but I rather like it this way.


Seven years. So many things have happened because of this blog: I have made new friends both among my readers and with other food blogger and maybe that is the best thing of it all! Though I can’t deny that another joy Lucullian has brought me is that it made me change career and become a professional food photographer, I never imagined that when I started seven years ago.
There are times when I think of just closing down Lucullian and stop blogging. Especially now when I am having technical problems and so many people cannot get through and read my posts but I am preparing for a change, as soon as I have more time I will move to another platform and leave Blogger, something I regret because I like Blogger a lot. I dread this change but it will have to be done.


I will end my ramblings now, not because I want to, I could go on much longer, but because I’m sitting here in the photo studio in Milan, watching the food stylists work on next dish to be photographed soon and I need to get going on the propping. But it felt very important to post today (I have even marked the date in my calendar so I wouldn’t forget) for some strange reason, other years I have completely forgotten Lucullian’s anniversary but this year not. As usual I want to end by thanking you all for reading my rambles, for cooking my recipes and for putting up with me like you do – without you Lucullian would be a rather sad place for me so please come back and be patient with me and all the technical problems.

Love & Peace to all of you and Thank You for being here!