My favourite lunch at the moment – Crunchy Celery and Mackerel Salad

Celery and Mackerel Salad-4

It can’t get any easier than this, no cooking and only the ingredients you see in the photo-you can’t ask for a better lunch in my opinion. Personally I can’t get enough of it right now, I eat it lunch after lunch and feel deprived the second I have finished my bowl of salad. It borders on obsession. Sometimes things that can feel like a dreary long repetition of events, in this case eating lunch every day (although nothing beats the dreary repetition of dressing and undressing every darned day) can transform your day into a cloud of sparkling hue of happy tastebuds and glowing satisfaction for a fleeting moment. Oh yes, I am exaggerating but I do so love this dish. On days when I need some omph I add a good dash of black pepper to it and sometimes I add sweet raw onion to improve my breath and my social life but I never reduce the amount of celery;  the fresh, slightly salty taste and its crunchy texture is vital! Oh well I better give you the recipe then…

blck and whiteCelery and Mackerel Salad-3

1-2 servings (I eat it all)

2 big sticks of celery
1 tin of mackerel in oil, I am sure sardines work well too
5 plum tomatoes or 1 normal tomato
lemon juice
extra-virgin olive oil

   Slice the celery, cut or slice the tomatoes and put them in a bowl. Divide the mackerel fillets into smaller pieces and add these.

   Season to taste, squeeze lemon juice and drizzle olive oil over. Toss the salad and the salad is ready to eat.

Celery and Mackerel Salad-2