Come rain, come shine, this one is always good – New Potatoes With Smoked Fish, Fresh Broad Beans and Parsley


 Despite the quite lousy weather here in Sweden, we are having a good time. Well at least I am because I’m meeting friends and eating pretty great food too and that combination ain’t half bad! I will gloss over my feelings about the fruit and vegetables you find in most food shops (I don’t want to get polemical today but I do think people should revolt and ask for respect!) and will concentrate on how nice Sweden is in June with all the lush greenery and colourful flowers. Not that it gets dry and burnt out later on like in Italy but there’s something special about June here, rain or no rain.


But now I only have few days left here, on Sunday we’re going back to good old Italy again and two days later I start a long and intense working session in Milan that will last well into early autumn so I will be an erratic food blogger for a while, just so that you know. But with my blogging mojo on the go (don’t know what happened there but I’m grateful as long as it lasts), I am sure there will be food. I have so many ideas I want to try out and it is always good to practice my photography. Talking of which, I’m off now to see if I find any nice props…

New Potatoes With Smoked Fish, Fresh Broad Beans and Parsley-2

It is summer (at least here in our hemisphere and then it it is time to gorge on new potatoes, a noteworthy delicatessen – the humble potato rise to a new level at this time of the year and it would be stupid not to enjoy it as much as possible! My new craze for smoked foods made me make this simple potato salad that takes no time at all to prepare especially as the small new potatoes cook in a whiff.  

New Potatoes With Smoked Fish, Fresh Broad Beans and Parsley_-2

4-6 servings

1 kg/2,2 lb small new potatoes
100-200 g/ 3,5-7 ounce smoked fish, the amount depends on which type of smoked fish it is and how much you like smoked fish
big bunch of flat leaved parsley
150 g/ 5,3 ounce fresh broad beans without the skin
black pepper
extra-virgin olive oil

   Boil the potatoes (I keep the skin on because it is so tender and I love it but the choice is yours) intil tender. Cut them in halves and put in a bowl.

   Chop the parsley but leave some leafs un touched, add it all to the potatoes. Cut or break the smoked fish into small pieces and add them together with the fresh broad beans to the bowl.

   Time to season the salad, be careful with the salt but generous with the pepper and drizzle enough olive oil over to cover the salad. Toss the salad until mixed well.

New Potatoes With Smoked Fish, Fresh Broad Beans and Parsley-3