Clean you palate – Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Crispy Croutons in Goat’s Cheese Cream


   It’s Sweden’s national day today and last Saturday it was Italy’s. My two countries. And living in both has taught me so much, among other things that nationalism is something I don’t like. I had been living in other countries before the move here, a year here and there but that is not enough to shed your prejudices and preconceived ideas; it took me several years to stop comparing Italy to Sweden, to compare habits and customs, social patterns and ways of being but when I did, I realized how limited my mind had been. Of course there are things I prefer in Sweden and in Italy but they are immediately balanced by something that I like less and I could never say that either country is better than the other and do you know, it feels so good to feel this way. I don’t particularly like when Italians say that Sweden is better than their own country nor do I like when Swedes say the same of Italy because I really think that we could live in any country that is a democracy and like it there if we just stopped comparing and started trying to understand instead.


   But over to something else: one of the many things I brought home from the Plate To Page Workshop was some lovely goat’s cheese from Capricorn Goat’s Cheese in Somerset and I really wanted to cook something with it, not only make the usual crostino but something different to enhance that subtle but distinct flavour their cheese have. So I thought and thought and pop, suddenly I knew that this little dish was exactly what I wanted to make and share with you. I used my Capricorn cheese and if you can lay your hands on one or two or more, do use them but you can obviously use a different goat’s cheese as well.

Roasted Tomatoes and Crispy Croutons in Goat's Cheese Cream

4 servings

10-12 cherry tomatoes
some sprigs of fresh oregano or if you can’s get that, a few pinches of dried
2 large slices of bread
2-3 goat’s cheeses
extra-virgin olive oil

   Divide the tomatoes and put them in an oven-proof form. Sprinkle with salt and drizzle some olive oil over before baking in a pre-heated oven (200°C/390°F) for 15-20 minutes or until they are roasted.

   Cut off the crust from the bread slices  before cutting them into cubes. Heat up olive oil in a pan or skillet and fry the bread cubes until crispy. Leave to drip off excess fat on kitchen paper.

  Take the cheese and remove the rinds before cutting the cheese into chunks that you put in a small pan. Heat up slowly and on a low flame, add a few tablespoons of milk and let it all melt down slowly. Add more milk if the cream is too dense.

   Compose the plate: spoon some of the cream on the plate and top with tomatoes and croutons.

Roasted Tomatoes and Crispy Croutons in Goat's Cheese Cream-2