Old favourites and Links on Sunday

I have been going digging in my archives for old photos (that watermark is just to watermark them) to post some old favourites of mine, I think this will be a new feature here on Sundays. As to the links I have no excuses, just the usual mix.

Maybe these will make you discover a new book to read: 1 and 2

More bookdom.

This is for my children. And all other children without too much money.

And while I’m at it, here’s some more.

I think I will try this soon, maybe maybe I will end up with order.

I LOVE fonts and typography

and to finish, I used to teach the History or Book Illustration at the university of Siena and my favourite course that I gave was on anatomical illustrations, a fascinating subject that enthuses me still. Take a look here and tell me if it isn’t incredibly interesting subject  and often very beautifully portrayed.

    The Scream