Just a lot of talk

HAthose were my last famous words, I thought I was going to Sicily to teach a workshop but the day before I would have leaned back in the chair on the airplane to Catania, they phoned and asked me to postpone it to a later date. The day before. Sometimes I surprise myself with how I take things, I would have expected me to get angry but I just felt kismet, that was not to be this time. I do regret not meeting up again with my friend Alessio, Recipe Taster, who is down in Sicily visiting his family right now but I hope we will meet soon anyway, some time, somewhere. But I have to confess something to you, I have
now been working on my presentation for the workshop for quite sometime; looking at food photos hours at end and I honestly feel quite fed up with it in this moment so I just wanted to write a post and add some flower shots I made for a job some time ago. No food, no recipe. Although today I made something I really want to make again so I can shoot it and share it with you so sooner  than I think I will be back here, just taking a little break.

The weather here is not what you would call nice, here I need sun to increase my too low vitamin D level and what do I get? Rain, rain, rain. Day after day. So I went prop hunting in two thrift shops here and found some interesting things, when I don’t feel like shooting food, finding new props usually gives me a kick in that place where kicks often are placed but this time it didn’t help so I think I need to continue that prop hunt tomorrow-maybe I will find something inspiring, who knows. But reading a few blog posts have cheered me up lately…

Two of my Plate to Page collegues have been out travelling and working, well all three of them have been out and about actually but only two have posted about it so far and I do recommend reading their posts. Jamie went to New York to the IACP conference (don’t ask me what it stands for, it is something about food writers and stuff) and she has written about it here and here. Meeta went in the other direction, she flew down to Dubai to teach at a food photography workshop organized by Sally and her and she has posted about it here. Gorgeous. Read on! And look out for Jeanne’s travel post, I’m sure she needs some time to edit her photos!