Happy Easter and I’m a Happy Saveur Food Blog Awards Finalist


 A week with good things (most important) and a few bad things (but that will change) but what else could I expect from life really? Everything served on a silver platter? Magari as you say in Italian…

copertina uova-3

First of all I wish you a Happy Easter or whatever you may be celebrating, Easter is my favourite holiday because it means spring to me, I remember the many lovely Easters I passed as a child with egg painting and, more important at that, egg hunting. My father wrote down rhyming clues on paper slips and hid them all over the house or the garden if the weather was fine, leading us on towards decorated paper eggs filled with sweets – I just loved it! So I wish you a nice, quiet Easter filled with love and peace if that is possible. Thank you for being such a support! See now I get soppy again, every big holiday or anniversary, I get all sentimental…

Polenta Tart With Lime-3

 One of the good things of this week (I will tell you more about the rest another time) is that I am a finalist at Saveur’s Food Blog Awards this year too! Amazing, this time I’m a finalist in the Best Recipe category with this Polenta Tart With Lime! I cannot but love Saveur, they are so nice with me time after time! And if you feel like voting for my recipe, I couldn’t be happier!

copertina verdure_