A quick bite when on the go – Crostini With Lemon and Mint Peas


  So many great things are happening right now that I just cannot concentrate enough on making a nice post with an interesting recipe right now but as I have a bag with fresh peas waiting to be used, I wanted to post this little treat. The good thing is that you can make it with fresh peas in the brighter season and with frozen peas in the darker season when you need some colour to cheer you up and green is such a good cheer-up colour I find; when I feel down or stressed I often try to find something green to look up or I go out because I am lucky to live in a place where you always can find green.


So here we go, I’m serving you crostini with lemon and mint peas. That’s it but these little gems are good, I promise you that, just don’t forget to toast the crostini bread, it make all of a difference

Crostino With Lemon and Mint Peas

This is a very loose recipe, just taste your way!


fresh or frozen peas
grated lemon zest
finely chopped mint leaves
slices of rustic bread, toasted and cut into smaller, crostini sized pieces

   Put the peas in a skillet with some olive oil and cook gently for 3-4 minutes or more if you think the peas need it.

   Add mint and grated lemon zest, taste for salt, mix and then mash the peas a little with a fork.

   Spoon the peas on the toasted bread and serve as soon as you can before you eat them all yourself!