A promise to my daughter – Roibos and Vanilla Muffins With Chocolate Chips

Roibos and Vanilla Muffins With Chocolate Chips

Dark white. Seeing white through my camera often surprises me because the camera doesn’t adjust nuances and shades like my brain does. There are so many whites: shining white, bright white, eggshell white, cream white, blue white, snow white, dirty white and dark white – the list is long. And it doesn’t surprise me because if white is all colours come together, there are even more possibilities there than in any other colour I’d say. I won’t delve into this because I have problems understanding optics properly, the basics yes but take one step further and I am lost, so I leave you with this link in case you want to explore white further from a more scientific point of view.

dark white

I like shooting food in white settings. I think it has a beauty to it that is difficult to beat and in addition to that, white is flattering for food and if it isn’t flattering, at least it doesn’t spoil it visually – white doesn’t interfere. As much as I like moody images, I am getting a bit fed up with the over abundance of them; the moody image is beginning to be stereotyped but that is what happens with most trends that take off like oil on fire and very few of them are produced with the addition of personal style, too many are just sheer imitations. Not that I pretend to be completely free of it myself but I try to make my own personal interpretations of a theme or style – what’s the use to shoot photos that already have been done?

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But over to the muffins I am sharing with you today, I was Skyping with my oldest daughter in Sweden, drinking roibos and cleaning up a spoon that accidentally had been dipped in a jar of Nutella (how did that happen?) and realized what a nice combination that was, something that was eagerly confirmed by my daughter. So I thought that I could bake muffins with the two and I promised I would give her the recipe if it turned out well so here it is, like the old food blogger I am, I cannot pass by an opportunity to post about a successful experiment.The roibos flavour isn’t dominant but it gives the muffin a nice rounded taste, I used roibos with vanilla flavour so to be honest I really don’t know how much vanilla you need to add in case you can’t find it, on the other hand you can either skip it or add as much you think is fit. Dare!

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24 muffins

3 tbsp vanilla flavoured roibos tea
100 ml + 2 tbs/ 0,42 cup + 2 tbsp boiling water
4 eggs
250 g/ 8,8 ounce sugar
125 g/ 4,4 ounce melted butter
325 g/ 11,5 ounce flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 pinch salt
2 tbsp fresh cream
250 g/ 8,8 ounce chocolate chips

   Soak the roibos in the boiling water for 4-5 minutes and then drain the leaves from the liquid.

   Whisk eggs and sugar white and fluffy, add butter, roibos and cream. Mix well and then stir in flour, baking powder and salt until smooth. Add the chocolate chips and give it a quick stir.

   Spoon the batter into the muffin cups and bake in a pre-heated oven (200°C/390°F) for 8-10 minutes.

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