Simplicity itself – Pasta With Artichokes, Smoked Bacon and Parsley


A perfectly simple and satisfying dish, nothing really new but what is? There is a lively discussion about what is recipe theft and what is not, how much are you allowed to use, are you allowed at all to blog someone else’s recipe and so on, here is one of them in case you are interested. Anyway, I am sure people have been making variations on this dish forever and ever but that doesn’t hinder me to share it with you today. I had actually cooked and photographed another dish that I was supposed to post today but when I was about to do it, I didn’t like the photos. (The dish itself was really good so it will appear here next week.) No I didn’t like those photos, not at all.

mistPasta With Artichokes, Smoked Bacon and Parsley-3

I don’t know why, maybe the mellow fog I had been out walking in with my camera and the dog, maybe they just weren’t good so I had to start all over. I opened the fridge and made an inventory of possible combinations, and taking out a few that I liked, I quickly cooked up a feast with artichokes, smoked bacon and lots of chopped parsley that I mixed with freshly cooked pasta, a dish I happily devoured after having finished shooting it. 

Pasta With Artichokes, Smoked Bacon and Parsley

4 servings

400-500 g/ 0,9-1,1 lb pasta
4 artichoke hearts, i.e. trimmed artichokes ready to be sliced. If you cannot find fresh artichokes, you can try frozen or in oil but it will not be the same
150 g/ 5.3 ounce thin slices of smoked bacon
3-4 full tbsp finely chopped parsley
extra-virgin olive oil

   Cut the bacon slices into small pieces and fry in skillet until crispy, let the bacon drip off excess fat on kitchen towel paper. Discard of the bacon fat.

  Quarter the artichokes and slice them really thin. Cook slowly in skillet with olive oil until soft and possibly a little crispy. Don’t forget to salt a little.

   Mix artichokes with bacon and parsley and then toss it all with the pasta in the skillet so that it absorbs the flavours.

Pasta With Artichokes, Smoked Bacon and Parsley-4