Italian workshop and a Monday celebration cake – Oat Cake With Cherry Jam

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I don’t know if you do it, some of you do I’m sure, but I study food photography a lot. I get all the books I can find about it though I know most of it already but there are always some nuggets of gold to find. What I really learn from is studying food photos that I like for some reason (and also the ones I don’t like) and by thinking about it. You’d be surprised to know how much there is to think about when it comes to food photography, there are so many facets to this
rich prism of photography: styles, moods, audiences, type, aims, targets and on it goes. Lately I have been thinking even more about it than usual because I have been asked to do a two day workshop on food photography in Catania, Sicily on the 20-21 of April. The workshop is aimed a different audience than I have so far been teaching to, here I will be speaking to people involved in marketing and to university students so I needed think in a different way when I prepared the program. I am very happy about doing this for several reasons: firstly, it is a challenge and I can’t never resist a challenge; secondly, the people organizing it are incredibly nice; thirdly, it is my first time ever in Sicily so that makes the whole thing even better . You can read more about it here.
This workshop will be in Italian but if you are interesting in an English speaking workshop for food bloggers or aspiring professionals, you are in luck – due  to unexpected cancellations we have two spaces free on our Plate To Page Somerset UK workshop in May, click here to read more and register.

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But now over to the food, to celebrate it is Monday, my favourite day of the week, I want to share this oat cake with cherry jam with you. First a word of warning, this cake is not one of those firm, elastic ones but a generous, over-spilling one, at least the first hours. It does firm up when it gets older and it actually gets better with time but despite the messiness, I like how it spreads out and shamelessly grabs its own space on the table. Wish I did that too more often, on the other hand there are probably people who think I do – is it ever possible to understand who you are and/or how others see you? You tell me please.

Oat Cake With Cherry Jam


3 eggs
150 g/ 5,3 ounce sugar
100 g/ 3,5 ounce butter
3 tbsp fresh cream
150 g/ 5,3 ounce flour
100 g/3,5 ounce oat flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 pinch salt
250 g cherry jam or any other jam you have at hand or like in particular

   Whisk eggs and sugar until fluffy in a bowl, melt the butter and add it together with the cream, stir well.

   Sift the flours and baking powder into the batter and mix it with a light hand. Add the jam in small batches but mix quickly and not too much so that it blends to much with the cake batter but remains in small blobs here and there.

   Bake in a pre-heated oven (175°C/350°F) for 35-40 minutes but as it is has jam in it, you need to check it with a tooth pick to understand if it is ready or not.

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