A ramble and a soup – Simple Tomato Soup With Mint And Crispy Bacon


I have a head cold and I feel like the stuff I throw on our compost heap. But a girl got to eat even when she can’t feel subtle flavours so today I made soup because I had nothing prepared to post here. Which means that by looking at these pictures, you are actually sharing lunch with me. And that feels fine – I will explain why: lately I have been feeling that the food blogosphere is not the nice place I started out in, it’s too much about money, too many blogs are being used for and using give-aways and stuff like that in order to get higher stats and to earn money (there it is again) from ads and food companies; there are too many prestige things going on; there is too much copying and too little creativity.


Of course there are wonderful food blogs where you feel at home and you can feel the honesty of the blogger, the passion for food and for blogging but on the whole, the food blogging community has changed. Lately I have started to follow smaller food blogs because I feel that I need to meet that passion again and it is really nice, I am not a good commenter but I try to leave some comments now and then because I know how much your comments mean to me, they are fundamental but I also understand that it is boring to leave comments here because I am such a louse at answering and commenting back but I love every single comment I get, you can be sure of that. End of ramble.


So let’s get back to the soup, I made a really simple tomato soup with mint and this is truly a winter version – I used canned tomatoes because right now is the worst period for fresh ones, they are no good and then it is better to use high quality canned tomatoes. I couldn’t find fresh mint in my garden, it is strange how mint invades your plots and flower beds but when you suddenly need it, it is gone, gone, gone! So dried mint it was but as soon the tomato season is back and I find fresh mint, I will make this again from scratch. Anyway, I love a good tomato soup in any form so here you are.

Simple Tomato Soup With Mint And Crispy Bacon

2 servings

1 can of 400 g/ 14 ounce tomatoes (or 500g/ 1,1 lb fresh tomatoes)
2 sticks of celery, chopped
250 ml/ 1 cup light stock or water
1-2 tsp dried mint or 5-10 fresh mint leaves, it depends on how big the leaves are
bacon slices cut into pieces
extra-virgin olive oil

   Cook the celery in a little olive oil for a few minutes before you add tomatoes, mint and stock. Simmer for 10 minutes and then blend the soup in a mixer until smooth.

   Fry the bacon and top the soup with it. It is good both warm and cold.

Simple Tomato Soup With Mint And Crispy Bacon-2