Pasta With Roasted Winter Squash, Pioppini Mushrooms and Baby Spinach

Still Life

 This morning I woke up to a frosty world, white grass and icy roads. It was beautiful, cold and beautiful but had it been say three weeks ago I wouldn’t have appreciated the beauty at all, now I enjoy it because I can feel spring in the air. No Italians do but I am Swedish, or maybe I should say Nordic, and have this gene of survival, the spring detecting gene, because if we didn’t have it, we would never be able to survive the long, cold months of winter. So every little sign, be it birds tweeting, the sun rays slanting in a certain fashion or a certain feeling in the air, we catch it and just know in the deep of our souls that there is hope and we cling to that. And so do I, nothing can change that.

Pioppini mushrooms-2pioppini Mushrooms

Last week I realized that I hadn’t beed cooking anything with winter squash this year so I had no choice, winter squash it is. And Pioppini mushrooms too. I love these little cute, velvety mushrooms, they grow in such a beautiful way and they are a treat to photograph, I can’t resist them as you can see! This pasta dish is made in a slightly different way than you usually make them, you roast the squash and the mushrooms in the oven while you cook the pasta and then toss it all in the oven form. I like it, I hope you do too!

Pasta With Roasted Winter Squash, Pioppini Mushrooms and Baby Spinach


serves 4
400-500 g/ 0,9-1,1 lb pasta
1 small winter squash
400 g/ 0,9 lb pioppini mushrooms or some other interesting mushroom you like
a bunch of fresh baby spinach
black pepper
juice of 0,5-1 lime
extra-virgin olive oil
   Peel and cut the winter squash into small cubes. Clean the mushrooms and put these together with the diced squash in an oven-proof form. Sprinkle rosemary over.
   Mix lime juice, you decide how much, salt, pepper and olive oil and then drizzle the mixture over squash and mushrooms, stir well and put in a pre-heated oven (200°C/390°F) for 15-20 minutes or as long as it takes for the squash to soften and get golden. Stir now and then.
   While the vegetables roast in the oven, cook the pasta, I suggest that you put in the vegetables in the oven a little before the water is about to boil. When you take out the form from of the oven, add the spinach leaves immediately and stir so the start wilting from the heat.  Drain the pasta and add it to the form, mix well and serve with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Pasta With Roasted Winter Squash, Pioppini Mushrooms and Baby Spinach-3