Links on Sunday

the earth

 During my absence from the world wide web one of my favourite photo sites/blogs/whatever it is called, Feature Shoot managed to post so many photos and photo series that I like and that I feel that I need to share with you that today’s Links on Sunday will be dedicated to these, I hope you like them too.

Take a look at these photos and you will get a completely different view on dogs.

My parents had a long and happy marriage so I find this beautiful and moving and it makes me think of them.

Sometimes when I stay in apartment blocks, I imagine that the floors and the ceilings are made of glass so I can see how the whole house in a new dimension, it amuses me no end to think of how I am walking on top on people and that there are people doing the same with me. This is a bit the same thing.

Maybe you remember a link with abandoned cars a few weeks ago, this is even more beautiful!

OK, just one link that is not about photography, there are some really nice ideas here.

tie a yellow ribbon