Force majeure

morning sun

 I really didn’t mean to be away all this time, you probably haven’t even noticed that I have been gone but I have. And very much so because we have been without telephone and internet connection for more than a week and when you work like I do, you feel it on your bare skin!


Well, two of those days I was in Milan but for the rest I have been here, working a bit and fretting a lot although I think it is useful to be forced back into life the way it was before constant internet connection, you get a lot of things done really, I have been sawing and pruning in the garden for example, we are having lovely lovely days here and I even enjoyed the work. I could have done much more but I have been quite tired mentally after this intense month of work in Milan, I realize how much I actually put into what I do when I come back home and feel completely empty when I think of making and shooting for new blog posts. So I haven’t but will now, I promise, I have a few nice ideas that I want to try out.

So I leave you with a few photos I took yesterday morning when I walked the dog-it is so good to be back among you again!