Make it easy for yourself – Couscous With Peas, Pesto and Eggs

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I’m in Milan right now for a job on breakfast food but for once I have been a good food blogger and actually have prepared something to share with you beforehand. I don’t know what has happened with me but I really enjoy blogging again after more than a year of very low blogging mojo. Maybe I have realized how connected I am with blogging after all these years, it seems easy to stop but when it boils down to the bone, I just can’t stop. One good thing about it, and maybe one of the reasons, is that I practise and evolve my photography without constraints – no one else’s directions, visions or wishes to adapt to, I can go wherever the food or a prop takes me.
I like going up to work here in this busy and big city where the pace is fast and life never stops nor misses a beat but just as much as I like it, it is always nice to get back home to the peaceful (well relatively so) countryside in my own home with my own family. I’m lucky to have it both ways, as long as it lasts. Next week I’ll be back here, this time working on an Easter job and for once it feels good to anticipate something, in January it is always nice to ‘pre-live’ spring a little bit.
But to get back to business, today I am presenting you with a quite light little lunch dish that you make in a whiff!

Couscous With Peas, Pesto and Eggs-2

4 servings
4 hardboiled eggs
400 ml/1,7 cup couscous
150 g/5,3 ounce green peas, fresh or frozen
3-4 tbsp pesto
salt if needed

   Cook the couscous, following the directions on the package, together with the green peas.

   Peel the eggs and press them into a bowl through a not too finely meshed sieve.

   Mix the couscous and peas with the pesto, then put it into bowls and top with the ‘crumbly’ eggs and some extra pesto if you want.

Couscous With Peas, Pesto and Eggs-3