Links on Sunday – All about Kia

cirtus fruit sepia

Today is the fourth anniversary of my mother Kia’s death so the links will all be to things I associate with her.

One of Kia’s favourite composers was Sibelius and me and my brother decided to play this piece, Valse Triste, at the funeral because it is really her.

She made me love Cezanne.

And how many times haven’t I heard her sing this. She worked for one year in France when she was young and I loved hearing her stories. I used to play my parents French records on the record player when I was a little girl: Piaf, Brassens, Patachou…

She was a born artist who never really dared believe in herself although we did. And do. She painted, made sculptures, mosaics and carved in wood, The last 15-20 years of her active life (she got Alzheimer’s disease in her sixties) she painted beautiful icons and despite I’m a complete non-believer, they have a profound impact on me from where they hang together on one of our walls.

She was a great cook and she is the number 1 food influence in my life. I am forever grateful for her teaching me to cook from an early age and to letting me roam freely in the kitchen. How much fun I had! This is a post I made ages ago about the canneloni she used to make for a while.

And she taught me to see the Light: 1, 2, 3, 4

I miss her every day.