Crisp and full of flavour – Winter Salad With Artichokes, Parma Ham and Mint


Monday is such a good day for me, I know a lot of you feel an intense dislike for Mondays but for me it is a day of new beginnings, new promises – think about all the interesting things that might happen the week to come. Maybe something happens, probably nothing happens but still, I love not knowing, to be open for new things. Bad things always happens, life is made of good and bad things so by taking for granted the bad parts, I have lots of space for the positive aspects that life ever so often serves us. I don’t expect you to understand that way of looking at life but I can tell you that it takes away a lot of surprises and it have made me appreciate the small joys in life because those are the ones that really count and give me the greatest satisfaction. 
Sorry, I didn’t mean to preach here, life is what it is and it goes up and down. When I grew up, me and my best friend U used to find comfort in this poem by the Swedish poet Karin Boye who was not a very happy person so we trusted her blindly and I wish that she knew the comfort she has given me through my life through her poem.


But what is this? Depression corner or a food blog?? I came here to share a salad with you and ended up rambling on about life but now it is time for more material fare, no more soul food. This salad is my favourite right now, the raw crispy artichoke blends so well with the salt and crisp Parma ham and the hint of mint in the vinaigrette just works magic on my taste buds. Eating this, I feel milder towards January.

Mixed Salad With Artichokes, Parma Ham, Celery and Mint


250 g/8,8 ounce mixed, fresh salad leaves 
1 big artichoke of the Italian type, i.e. not the big round kind that you cook whole and dip the leaves in vinaigrette
1 stick of celery
50 g/ 1,7 ounce Parma ham or coppa in thin slices
10-12 small mint leaves
1/2 tbsp mild vinegar

extra-virgin olive oil

   Trim the artichoke, quarter it and cut into shaving thin slices. Chop the celery stick finely. Fry the Parma ham in a non-stick pan  without any oil until crisp. You can also do it in the oven if you want. Cut the ham slices into thin strips.

   Chop the mint leaves finely and mix with vinegar and a little salt. Add the olive oil and shake until emulsified.

   Put the salad leaves into a bowl, add the artichoke slices and Parma ham strips and drizzle the vinaigrette over it all before tossing until thoroughly mixed.

Mixed Salad With Artichokes, Parma Ham, Celery and Mint-3