Bread Baking Buddies – The Round-Up!

I have got nine Bread Baking Buddies to present to you today, nine fantastic bakers who baked the Cuban bread I had chosen as January’s Bread Baking Babe challenge. I can’t say that it is much of a challenge really, it is so easy and fast to make but let’s say that the challenge lie in the technique, this bread is put un-risen(?) in a cold oven where it both rise and bake! Which means that it takes about two hours from start to finished bread and it has a surprisingly good texture as well. (But what does it say about me as a Bread Baking Babe that I always seem to choose easy and quick breads for us to bake??)
It is snowing here now, it is dark but tomorrow it will be all white and we won’t be able to get close to civilization. Sitting here, writing this roundup and meeting so many Buddies feels like the perfect thing to do on a snowy Tuesday evening. I really want to thank all the Buddies for baking with us, taking the time to post about it and sending me their links and enthusiastic comments – you make an old Bread Baking Babe happy!

Kelly of A Messy Kitchen was the first to send me her link and I was so happy to see that she like the bread. I like her bread, it looks just perfect!

And Judy from Judy’s Gross Eats liked it too, like most of us, January has been a busy month or at least a cold, forbidding one (that’s my opinion, not Judy’s) so the Cuban bread was perfect. She has a lovely sunny kitchen I must say…

Heather the girliechef made me laugh out loud because she seems to have become obsessed, baking it over and over again. I hope the spell is broken for her sake but that she still makes a loaf now and then!

Over at Kathy’s blog Bread Experience you get a really great and useful step-by-step description of how to make the Cuban bread – I have always admired those with that kind of patience. And memory…

and then we have Dewi who made a beautiful Cuban and also was very positive about baking it! Check out her blog elra to see her bread!

Gosia is an old friend of mine and I am very happy that she has started to bake with us. Just look at her fab bread over at Majology!

the guild of knitting kninjas is the lovely name of Tara’s blog and she gracefully joined the rank of Bread Baking Buddies this months, let’s hope she will bake with us again.

I love the name of Sandie’s blog, Crumbs of Love, can’t imagine a better name for a baking blog, can you? She baked a lovely bread and I hope that she will keep being on being a Buddy.

We even have have an Israeli Buddy with us, Gilad baked the Cuban bread but she wasn’t that enthusiastic about it or as she told me, it didn’t make her fall of the chair! Love that expression Gilad!

and that is it-Thanks again to all the Buddies, please keep on baking with us – I’m sure you will love next month’s challenge…