A real antioxidant explosion – Matcha Rice Cream With Blueberries and Almonds

Matcha Rice Cream With Blueberries and Almonds-5

Even though I’m having a frugal month (or at least try to have one), it doesn’t mean that I give up on every sweet pleasure here, I just make it a little healthier (in this case, it’s the calcium that is good for you) and less sweet and I make the portions smaller. That either means that you are a good girl/boy and just eat one or you are a girl/boy without any character and eat two, hopefully feeling guilty about it so that you restrict yourself to those. two.
One reason to why I wanted to make a sweet apart from just eating it is that since our Plate To Page Tuscany Workshop last October I have been longing to use one of the products from our sponsors, the matcha powder from the Matcha Factory. So I have been thinking and thinking, coming up with the wildest dishes but I feel like those days are over, at least for the moment, and I wanted to make something that is easy to make as well as pleasant to eat. And as healthy as possible so when I had the Matcha powder, rice flour, milk and blueberries I just had no choice!

Matcha Rice Cream With Blueberries and Almonds-3

4 frugal servings

500 ml/ 2,1 cup milk, I used full-fat milk because I prefer that but you do as you please
1-2 full tbsp honey or more
4 tbsp rice flour
250 g/8,8 ounce blueberries
2 tsp matcha powder, you can add more or use less if you want
almond flakes

   Mix the rice flour and matcha powder well and then mix it with a little milk. Put the rest of the milk in a pan over medium heat, add the honey and then add the rice flour and milk mix, stirring all the time. When it comes to a boil, lower the heat and simmer for about 4-5 minutes always stirring. Leave the cream to cool.
   Take out the little ramekins or bowls you want to serve the rice cream in and put a first layer of blueberries in them. Spoon some rice cream into the ramekins and add another layer of blueberries, go on doing this until they are full.

   Top with a blueberry and sprinkle flaked almonds over before serving.

Matcha Rice Cream With Blueberries and Almonds-4