A year has come and gone again – tell me about yours!


I feel a bit reluctant about doing a review of my year 2011 in this life here on Lucullian, I have my doubts about how interested you really are and apart from that, if you read Lucullian regularly you already know what I have been doing, at least as much as I am willing to talk about in a public space like this blog. So I am only putting down a few points about the things I am proud and/or happy of:
– I still have a healthy and happy family – I am proud of having the husband I have and the three children I have produced with him. They have all four showed me the importance of love and loving. Thank You!
– I have been working well this year, many fun commercial jobs and I am now a monthly collaborator of two Italian food magazines. And strewn in between these, there have been many other interesting assignments for me to do. I still have a dream and that is to shoot the photos for a cookbook.
– I am very proud of the success that the Plate To Page Workshops have had and to work together with Jamie, Jeanne and Meeta, three quite fantastic women really! And so very happy to have met all the P2P participants too, incredible persons each and every one of them!

– I’m quite proud of Saveur.com‘s making Lucullian a finalist  in Saveur’s Best Food Blog Awards, category Best Regional Cuisine Blogand for including my blog in Saveur’s Worldwide Feast: 55 Great Global Food Blogs. Thank You Saveur, much appreciated!

I think I am done here but why don’t YOU, dear reader, tell me what you did in 2011, in my opinion that’s far more interesting to hear so please tell me in a comment what happened to you, good or bad, whatever you feel like sharing with me. And Thank You for yet another year here-I wish you all a pleasant end to the year and the best of years in 2012!